By integrating all the elements of a security system such as intrusion detection, access control and video and telephone access on a common platform, users can use a single interface, which provides greater simplicity and optimal control. The integration kits connect a DSC intrusion alarm system to a Kantech access control system to create a single, unified solution. Integration with DCS PowerSeries or MAXSYS intrusion alarm systems allows the access control system to receive intrusion alerts, view zone status and manage partitions and codes. user. Intrusion detection and access control alarms have been integrated into a single transparent, unified and operational system. The DSC burglar alarm panel can now be connected directly to the KT-400 door controller via a computer-100 integration module. Allows EntraPass software to communicate with a DSC alarm system Direct connection to the KT-400 door controller Arm and disarm partitions with the KT-400 Manage the alarm system remotely The Kantech Telephone Doorphone System (KTES) is the ideal solution for small sites, mid-sized sites, and large sites that use applications where an access control system is already installed or those that require only access through telephone doorman. The system provides control of visitor access to apartment buildings, protected residential complexes, condominiums, office buildings and industrial sites. Residents communicate with visitors using KTES and can grant or deny access directly using a regular phone or cell phone at the touch of a button. The KTES is simple to use and easy to install. It can also run in parallel with Kantech controllers and be managed remotely using the EntraPass software. KTES comes with a simplified version of EntraPass software for quick configuration and updates, live transaction monitoring and system backup Operates in stand-alone mode or integrates with an access control system Remote communication / secure IP, convenient programming and management with EntraPass software Electronic directory for up to 3,000 residents Support for the reader offered for access control functions Dynamic language selection for the visitor Large 4-line 20-character LCD backlit display with high contrast Easy programming directly from the keyboard Secondary telephone number available to reach the resident Vandal resistant, weatherproof stainless steel case Multi-purpose alarm and trouble reporting functions A telephone line takes up to five units in charge