ScanMax Pro Controller


The ScanMax Pro Controller controls and boosts deactivation performance in all ScanMax deactivators, which include: PowerPad®, SlimPad™, CompactPad™, Low Profile Pad, ScanMax IS Pro, ScanMax HS Pro, ScanMax NS II Pro, ScanMax NS Pro, ScanMax IP Pro, Ultra•Max 5110p, Ultra•Max 5220n. ScanMax Pro first detects labels, then deactivates them. With the ScanMax Pro Controller, labels can be deactivated at up to two per second. This speed accommodates high throughput environments such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, and high volume retail stores. The system also automatically adjusts to changes in the electronic environment, which helps preserve optimal performance. The Controller’s smaller size requires minimal space, while its vertical, tabletop, and under-counter mounting options maximize installation flexibility Features ScanMax Pro antennas incorporate flash memory to store the Controller’s settings. This feature enables the Controller to automatically detect the particular type of ScanMax Pro antenna connected and, along with the other self-adjusting and installation features, eliminate the need to configure the Controller via laptop computer in most cases. The Controller contains a reset button and indicator lights that allow contractors to set the deactivator antenna for either Ultra•Strip II or Ultra•Strip III labels and to change from normal deactivation to magnetic media safe. The Controller offers four ports that enable advanced capabilities such as: POS/scanner integration (software required), peripheral devices (synchronization units), advanced support via laptop, and remote alarm module connection.