Badge creation software allows the realization and customization of your plastic cards. You can add images (photo, logo, etc.), encode your magnetic badges, your smart cards with or without contact, or integrate biometric data. The software of creation of plastic cards also make it possible to personalize, very easily, your badges, modify your graphics, store your many models, create your variable data fields and integrate databases to store images and update your information.All software solutions for all your creative needs. Asure ID Solo is an entry-level base card personalization software that is perfect, simple to use and equipped with all options to enable the creation of photo authentication badges. Equipped with a very intuitive user interface that uses the functional richness of the latest Microsoft® Ribbon, it only requires minimal training … Important Benefits: Optimized User Interface: We have facilitate the design and programming of photo authentication badges and / or magnetic tape encoding. Import Swift ID Model Import Swift ID-designed models to Asure ID and take advantage of more reliable options and features. Simplified Print Functions – Design and print cards without having to open and configure complex print driver menus! Simplified Maintenance – Automatic notifications of free software updates to ensure perpetual upgrade.