ThruScan DX-X


Higher Technical Features to its competitors Very High Sensitivity and selectivity Wide scanning area Easy to use Automatic frequency locking Improved technology Auto Calibration Portable and comfortable cover Ni-mH or Alcaline Battery (with charging led) Charger, Belt Holder, Battery, Wrist Stripe included in the set Earphone output and earphone (optional) After sale service assurance Vibration (optional) Sensitivity : Sensitivity is adjusted by membrane touchpad buttons. It has embedded led VU Meter displaying the state of battery and the sensitivity level. 2 Euro (EURO Coin) : 20 cm. 9 mm. Bullet (Rifle) : 15 cm. 9 mm. MKE Gun : 35 cm. Needle / Pin : 5 cm. 2 X 13cm Paper Blade : 17 cm. AN7 (NILECJ Metal Object) : 25 cm. AM7 (NILECJ Metal Object) : 27 cm. Specifications International norms (NILECJ-0601 L1-5/IP53/IEC 348/EN60950 Class1) In conformity with CE European Union Norms and produced under ISO 9001: 2000 QMS Certificated Product: NSN: 6665270326570 Detects all ferrous, non-ferrous, and other metallic objects Auto Calibration (Automatically calibrates itself up to Environmental Conditions) Compact and Peculiar Elinno Design Human friendly walk-through metal detector with VLF technology (Certified) Operates minimum 15 hours on alarm rate and 24 hours on Stand by mode. Complete set with 220 V AC Battery Charger, Vinyl Sheath (belt holder), wrist stripe and battery included in the set. The brochures, warranty certificate and users manual are included in the package. Displays visible and audible 5 led alarms on Vu-meter. Vu-meter Level shows the volume of the detected metal objects. Certificate approved “Safe for wearers of pacemakers and pregnant women” No effect to magnetic media (eg. Memory sticks, tape, proximity cards) Adjustable Sensitivity with the Up/Down Arrow Push Buttons on the Membrane Touch-Pad Can detect a Parabellum gun from 35 cm, a 9 mm long bullet from 15 cm and 1 Euro Coin from 18 cm distance. Extended audio alarm with varied tone changes by distance. Made of SMD Technology. Made of ABS plastic. Battery Condition display on Vu-meter at start up. Low battery indicator with audio and visual alarm. Protective design against incorrectly connected battery. Quick and simple battery change is possible without using tools and any other help. Designed for easy operation by one hand only. Interference free operation of two Hand-Held Metal Detectors set to operate on maximum sensitivity up to 50 cm distance from each other. Each equipment is labeled with a Model name and the serial number. 2 Years Elektral® A.S. Warranty, 10 Years Parts Supply Ability. OEM Products are being distributed by well known British, German and Dutch Metal Detector Suppliers Designed for Very High Sensitivity Spectrums and Professional Usage Only. Technical Specifications Weight : ~ 420 gr. Gross weight : ~ 450 gr. Operating voltage : 9 V – 250 mAh Ni-MH Power : 5 mA standby- 15 mA alarm Condition Dimensions : 43.2 x 83 x 410 mm Operation Temperature : -10°C to +50° Storage Temperature : -20°C to +60° Optional Accessories Vibration Feature Rechargeable Battery Battery Charger (220V / 12V – 100mA) Headset Carriage Bag Reference List Web-Postures-Photos-Catalog Support Comparison Charts, OEM Design Support Quantity Orders Carriage Bag Special Tender Specifications ISO 9001-CE-TSEK Quality Certificates Custom Orders (OEM – ODM) Customers’ specifications accepted