The software scoring TIME PRO has just been published in three languages; French, English and Arabic.It was designed to simplify and automate the management time presence of staff. Flexible, friendly and simple has use.TIMEPRO is available in Version Mono and Server Client.The software allows the creation of individual daily schedules, by service, by team, the management of rotations to schedules, the whole of an intuitive way and effective.Employees thus have an individual planning schedules to achieve for the period ahead, it can make corrections; then rapidly it will be taken into account in calculating the hours of work.The administrator can then directly view the time and pay: – Main features of TIMEPRO III Profiles schedules individualized and unlimited Managing Night schedules Management of absences, penalty, questionnaires, holidays, recoveries, holidays Overtime unpaid or recovered Planning daily schedules and absences Monitoring individual by viewing graphic anomalies Comparing theoretical/strength-monitoring of individual counters Replacement of traditional schedule, with The Possibility of holidays to replace theservice team. Flexibility and ease of use Export one or all of printing.reports Graphical interface friendly and intuitive Operating System Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Media. Import of results Toward Paying monthly software Sheet of successive postponements Annual Leave, and Additional Recovered. hours Calcumation of periodical reports. Individual Sheet. On Time Sheet. Changing the serials, list of staff, list of tasks Programming of Individual {absences, Holidays) Report ’complementary. Mission of the next day Indicators, anomalies, incidents counters. The detailed ICSCs periodicals or not The traces of bug fixes. Summer schedule · Automatic winter / automatic Multi operator with level access