ThruScan DX


High sensitivity and selectivity Wide scanning area Easy to use Automatic frequency locking Improved technology Portable and comfortable cover NiCd Battery (with charging led) Earphone output and earphone (optional) After sale service assurance Vibration (optional) Technical Specifications Sensitivity : When sensitivity adjustment switch is adjusted to the threshold point where warning signal is not heard anymore, the instrument is in most sensitive position. Sensitivity is decreased when this switch rotated counter clockwise. When sensitivity is adjusted, it can detect a coin from 16 cm, 9 mm bullet (long) from, 9 mm gun from 35 cm. Alarm : Sound (it may be prevented to hear from outside by using earphone) and led alarm Battery : 1 each 9 V – 250 mAh NiMH (rechargeable and replaceable) Recharging period : Initial recharge ~15 hours, subsequent recharges 8 hours each. Directly from network 220 VAC – 50 Hz. Current : 4 mA in stand by ~12 mA during detection Battery voltage test : Yellow light and sound warning define that recharging is required when the battery is emptied. Weight : ~310 g Dimensions : 35 x 8 x 3.1 cm Operation : When the HHMD unit is in operation the sensitivity setting should be adjusted with the Up/Down Arrow Push Buttons on the Membrane Touch-Pad. (1st Led the most and the 5th Led is for the least sensitivity level) The HHMD Unit becomes ready for dedection after the auto-calibration process at start up. Press red trigger button at side to activate the instrument. Thanks to such feature, unnecessary battery usage is prevented. Thus period of usage of instrument without needing recharge is extended. Operation temperature : – 15 C / + 65 C (May be improved upon request) Storage temperature : -30 C / + 65 C Outerhousing : Made of ABS plastics. Soundness : Suitable for professional usage. Warranty : 24 months for material and workmanship defects. The instrument is in compliance with NILECJ0602 and IEC348 norms