The Ultra•Tag® AT is a lightweight apparel tag designed to meet the needs of retailers for ease of use, high security, and minimal impact on the merchandise presentation. The highly aesthetic design minimizes the impact to merchandise on display. Its small size and light weight make it ideal for protecting everything from heavy denims to the lightest intimate apparel. The Ultra•Tag® AT provides the ultimate in security, ease of use and techology to provide a superior product for protecting apparel of all types. (LxWxH) 60.8 mm(2.4 in ) X 21.47 mm(.85 in ) X 18.0 mm(.71 in ) Deep This is the lightest EAS tag available, will not affect even the most delicate apparel when hanging. Sleek aesthetic design. The small size provides just the right visual deterrent without detracting from the merchandise presentation. Ease of application and removal. Ease of application and speed of removal improves front-end checkout efficiencies and customer satisfaction. Defeat resistant design. The new sleek shape minimizes the abiltiy to attack by hand or with tools. Small profile decoupler. Allows retailers to maximize counter space at the POS. Features include a security lock to prevent unauthorized use.