SF 3000


SF-3000 is a state of the art access control system with the highest performance in fingerprint recognition, access control management, and efficient time attendance. Features ㆍOne of the world’s fastest fingerprint readers – 2,000 fingerprints read & recognition in 0.3 seconds – Can save up to 3,000 fingerprints and 300,000 events ㆍBuilt in 2.5inch graphic LCD screen – Displays detailed information such as date, time, user guide and user list, etc ㆍAny Direction Fingerprint Recognition – Can read fingerprints placed in any direction ㆍSupports USB memory stick – Can easily upload & download records of fingerprint data, events, time and attendance with a USB memory stick ㆍWiegand Protocol – Compatible with other access controller system using the Wiegand Protocol ㆍAutomatic fingerprint recognition – Automatically read and recognize fingerprints without using Start Button ㆍConfigurable Access control The ability to set a specific date (date & time zones) to control access effectively Specifications System Layout – Safe, secure and economical access control system – Any new installations can be integrated into existing access control systems – Securing facilities, reducing costs via time management