SuperTag® III


SuperTag® III is the ultimate choice for retailers looking to protect high-risk, high-value items.The preeminent solution in fulfilling the demand for a small, lightweight reusable hard tag, SuperTag® III is the ideal solution for protecting everything from heavy durable outerwear to delicate intimate garments. The sleek shape complements high-end merchandise, providing a strong visual deterrent while preserving product presentation and merchandising. Small sleek design. The small size provides just the right visual deterrent without detracting from the merchandise presentation. Lightweight construction. SuperTag® III can be applied to a wide variety of apparel, minimizing the affect on even the most delicate garments. Defeat resistant design. A rigid ABS plastic housing combined with the Sensormatic® patented rotary clamp and spring gate mechansim provide retailers with a formidable security device to protect merchandise. High performance